Mission, Objective and Functions


The law On Regulators of Public Utilities specifies the following functions of the Regulator:

  1. protect the interests of users and promote the development of providers of public utilities;
  2. determine the methodology for calculation of tariffs;
  3. determine the tariffs if special laws concerning the sectors do not provide for another procedure for determining the tariffs;
  4. license the provision of public utilities;
  5. examine disputes in the cases and in accordance with the procedure determined by this law;
  6. promote competition in the regulated sectors and supervise compliance of the public utilities with the conditions of the licence, determined quality and environmental protection requirements, technical specifications, standards, as well as contract provisions;
  7. at the request of the ministries responsible for the regulated sectors, provide information to them and make recommendations to such ministries on issues regarding the regulation of public utilities;
  8. inform the public of its activities and also of the activities of providers of public utilities in the provision of public utilities;
  9. perform other functions determined by special laws of a sector.