In accordance with the Cabinet of Ministers regulations No.1227 “Regulations Regarding Types of Regulated Public Utilities” of October 27, 2009, the traditional postal services, the courier services, the express mail services, and the delivery services of subscribed press publications are regulated in the postal sector. The Regulator’s task is to ensure the provision of postal services, especially the universal postal service, competitiveness and satisfaction of customers. The mission of the postal sector is to provide postal services in a qualitative, efficient and economically reasonable way throughout the territory of Latvia. The postal sector has an important role in the system of shared values and promotion of social and territorial cohesion. In addition in today's digitalized environment taking into account the development of technologies and the change of habits the major challenge is the provision of the necessary postal network in rural areas in order to provide universal postal service to everyone. Besides the technological development and continuing digitisation also the aspects of the environmental sustainability emerge in the context of the postal sector as it is based on the transport, which is a source of air pollution and CO2 emissions.

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