The System for Input and Processing of Merchant's Information (IIAS) is a safe and convenient way for regulated companies to submit information - reports and documents in accordance with the legislative requirements. The IIAS also provides storage and analytical processing of the submitted information.

 Info_icon_1.png The use of the IIAS is determined by the Regulator’s decision No 1/8 Regulations Regarding the Use of System for Input and Processing of Merchant's Information.

To register as an IIAS user, a merchant licensed or registered by the Regulator must:

1. Fill in an application form (a sample is available here), indicating the merchant's representatives to whom the status of the applicant (official) and rights manager (see below – IIAS user statuses) shall be granted and the personal data and contact details of the representatives.

The rights manager is not entitled to submit the required documents to the Regulator. If you will be represented in the IIAS by only one user, please indicate this person as the official!

The user e-mail specified in the application will be used as an identifier, therefore a different e-mail must be specifiedin the submission for each user.

2. The application must be submitted to the Regulator in one of the following ways:

  • by e-mail to sprk@sprk.gov.lv using a secure electronic signature and time stamp,
  • by post to 45 Ūnijas Street, Riga, LV-1039,
  • in person at 45 Ūnijas Street, Riga.

3. The Regulator shall notify the employees of the merchant indicated in the application regarding the creation of the User profile and allocation of the User details by sending e-mails to the e-mail addresses indicated in the application.

4.  When you receive an email, you will need to click the link Verify Registration and create a password.
The received link will be valid for 30 days.
The password must contain at least nine characters with at least one upper case letter (A-Z), numeric value (0-9), special symbol (!, @, + etc.) and lowercase letter (a-z).

The user of the IIAS is granted rights that determine the user's ability to perform appropriate actions in the system. There are four user statuses, the first two of which are assigned only by the Regulator on the basis of an application.

1. Submission Rights (Official) - a user who has the right to prepare and submit documents to the Regulator via the IIAS on behalf of the public service provider, as well as to view the information entered into the system and to create, modify and delete users who have been granted viewing or preparation rights.
The submitted documents are considered to be electronically signed and are legally valid.

2. Rights Manager - a user who can create, modify and delete the merchant’s users with document viewing and preparation rights, as well as to view the information entered into the system and prepare documents and save them in the IIAS, but cannot submit them.
Only one of the merchant’s users can be the Rights Manager.

The following additional statuses can be created by the merchant’s user who has the role of Submission or Rights Manager:

3. Preparation Rights - a user who can view the information entered into the system and prepare documents (enter information, add files) on behalf of the merchant and save them in the IIAS.

4. Viewing Rights - A user who can only view the information entered in the IIAS.

A user of IIAS can represent several merchants, however the user can simultaneously operate in the IIAS on behalf of only one merchant at a time.

In order to use the IIAS, the merchant needs a computer, Internet connection and access rights to the IIAS.
It is recommended to use the following browsers for the correct operation of the IIAS:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later;
Microsoft Edge;
Google Chrome 48 or later;
Mozilla Firefox 44 or later;
Aple Safari 7 or later.
The use of other browsers is not limited, but they may not provide the full functionality of the IIAS.