Frequently asked questions


The Regulator’s decision No 1/12 "Regulations on the Justification of Costs Forming Tariffs" of 14 July 2010 specify documents which a public service provider shall submit to the Regulator for the justification of costs that form tariffs simultaneously with the tariff proposal calculated according to the specific tariff calculation methodology.

These may differ for various cost items. Contracts, bills, printouts of account turnover and others must be submitted to demonstrate how the relevant cost item is formed.

When submitting a tariff proposal, a cover letter must certainly be attached; the letter shall be signed by the responsible persons of the public service provider which have a right to represent the applicant. The planned tariff, operational area of the tariff and the preferred date of the tariff’s entry into force must be indicated.

To engage in natural gas trade, a company must submit to the Regulator the Notification on the Registration of a Natural Gas Trader which is available on the Regulator’s website. Energy trader should operate also taking into regard the Commercial Law. Foreign merchant intending to operate in Latvia has a choice of how to register his economic activity. For further clarification, seek consultation from the State Revenue Service and State Commercial register.

As soon as an employee of the responsible division receives the Notification on the Registration of a Natural Gas Trader, a registration number (DTXXXXX) will be assigned to the company and it will be included in the Natural Gas Traders’ Register on the Regulator’s website. This information is usually compiled within a few days.

The Regulator will contact the company if the Notification on the Registration of a Natural Gas Trader is incomplete and will ask the company to send a correctly completed Notification.

Yes, such an option exists; however, those companies which do not start trading of natural gas within one year after registration in the Natural Gas Traders’ Register will be excluded from the Natural Gas Traders’ Register.