The modern world cannot exist without electricity because it is necessary for cities, buildings and our household electrical appliances. For electricity to reach the end-user it must first be generated and then it can be delivered to an electrical appliance of each user. Electricity cannot be stored (like water), it is continuously generated, transmitted and consumed; an unceasing process is taking place all the time.

In the territory of the Republic of Latvia, registered companies may trade electricity (Electricity trader register), but most users currently buy electricity from JSC “Latvenergo”. Electricity transmission in Latvia is carried out by a single transmission system operator – JSC “Augstsprieguma tīkls”, while electricity distribution – by 11 distribution system operators (List of licences of distribution system operators) of which JSC “Sadales tikls” supplies electricity to 99% of the power users. Electricity in Latvia is generated by the following companies which are listed in the Electricity producer register. The largest electricity generator in Latvia is JSC “Latvenergo”.

The Regulator reviews submissions and complaints about the provision of public services.

More information is available in Latvian.

Energy trader and producer should operate also taking into regard Commercial Law. Foreign merchant intending to operate in Latvia has a choice of how to register his economic activity. For further clarification, seek consultation from the State Revenue Service and State Commercial register.