Obligations of the Regulator


Public service providers calculate tariffs in the regulated sectors in accordance with specific tariff calculation methodologies:

  • Methodology for calculation of natural gas transmission service tariffs;
  • Methodology for calculation of natural gas storage service tariffs;
  • Methodology for calculation of natural gas distribution service tariffs
  • Methodology for calculation of natural gas prices to related users.

A provider of natural gas supply service on its own initiative or at the PUC’s request submits to the Regulator the calculated tariff proposals with substantiation of costs of tariffs mentioned in the tariff proposal..

Tariffs shall be set to the extent that tariff payments made by users cover economically reasonable costs of providing public services and ensure the profitability of public services unless the special laws of a sector provide for other principles of tariff setting.

If factors that influence tariffs change (for example, profitability) the PUC may propose to review tariffs and request a public service provider to submit the calculated tariff proposal with substantiation of costs of tariffs by a specific deadline.

The PUC reviews the applications (complaints) received about issues of gas supply. The Regulator shall provide a reply about a user complaint within 30 days. In cases of complaints or claims, the Regulator advises users to initially contact the relevant public service provider and to address the PUC with an application if mutually advantageous terms cannot be reached. For the Regulator to objectively assess the application it shall describe in detail the situation and progress of the solution of the issue with a service provider, appending to the application concluded contracts and other documents associated with service provision. The application should be submitted in accordance with the Law on Submissions.

Relationships between a service provider and a user are determined by the Cabinet Regulations No 78 "Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas".

The PUC’s competence is to review complaints submitted by users regarding a public service provider up to the proprietary border of the natural gas supply system between a user and a public service provider (system operator) which is specified in the contract of natural gas supply of each user. The owner or manager is responsible for the internal natural gas supply system of an estate (building).

A user who has concluded a natural gas supply contract has a right to receive a service of conforming quality which is specified by the Cabinet Regulations No 78 "Regulations Regarding the Trade and Use of Natural Gas"