Participation of the Public


In order to provide the opportunity to receive continuous, safe and high quality public services whose tariffs correspond to economically reasonable costs, as well as to promote development and economically justified competition in the regulated sectors, the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) involves members of the public in its activities.

Each form of participation which the PUC has chosen to achieve an objective specified by law is the willingness to involve society in its activities because the Regulator must balance the interests of different groups of the society, namely, must reach a compromise solution when the normative regulation and adopted decisions are in the interests of the entire society. The process of opinion survey must be open, and the PUC must be independent throughout this process, it must not influence the opinions of other parties.

Involvement of society representatives in the decision making process gives the Regulator an opportunity to obtain practical information which can be provided by individuals who are themselves involved and who are affected by a specific issue. As a result, the adopted decision or legal act is better, but the society has a chance to make sure that the PUC performs its mission – protects the interests of users and promotes the development of providers of public utilities in accordance with the principles of justice, transparency, neutrality, equality and proportionality.

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